Update control box?

just got my x50 yesterday. does the control box need to be updated ? If so does it do it automatically, is there a prompt, what would be the steps. thanks

It will prompt but don’t push go until it shows 1.2 as the version as the current path had some defects you should avoid.

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ok thank you. i’m assuming you need to be on the internet for updates

Hey Butch,

yes, but if you access the Onefinity Controller remotely over network, your browser usually has access to the internet. In this case,

which I strongly suggest, otherwise (as of this writing) the Onefinity Controller will tell you to update to version 1.1.1, which is a faulty version that Onefinity tells you in the forum not to install, but at same time they are unable to prevent it being suggested by the controller and downloaded and installed by the user.

You can at any time download the latest/stable recommended firmware by visiting the “Latest Firmware” forum category and install it with the “Upgrade via File” button shown above.

Visiting and following the “Firmware” forum category is the best way to keep up to date with new firmwares as long as Onefinity is unable to prevent faulty firmware being automatically suggested by the controller and installed by the user due to that prompt.


got it, thank you very much. I’m new to all this and really appreciate the help.

so updating firmware should be the first ting to do before anything else

Hey Butch,

yes but at the moment (as of this writing), just upgrade to version 1.0.9, don’t install something higher at the moment. 1.1.1 is faulty and 1.1.2 is in beta testing yet.

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