Regular Shipping Updates?

Posting here since this is where the main shipping updates thread lives.

@OnefinityCNC Wondering if you guys would be interested in posting at least the latest order number shipped, on some regular cadence (ex daily or weekly), for each machine sku shipped.
Since the order numbers are sequential (correct?), we can glean the progress towards out order for ourselves.

The benefit of this extra effort would be two-fold,

  1. It would relieve the anxiety for those (like myself) anxiously and patiently waiting for their machines
  2. Drive users to the forum (and hopefully) continue to grow the community here

I’ve personally been waiting for two months, and reading the tea leaves isn’t (much) fun :slight_smile:

We won’t be. We’re doing away with the table and will only be posting estimated lead times from now on.

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They’d have to do that by machine type as well as components. Since the numbers are sequential they’ll get an order for a WW and then one for some accessories like bits and then one for a JM. Then if they had the bits in stock and shipped if they reported that number, the earlier WW order guy would think they missed his. The JM guy would think his would be going out next. Neither is true because those orders would be based on availability and either one could go out before the other. There’s no information you can reasonably infer from simply knowing what the latest shipped order number was.


Well, I tried :slight_smile:

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Jim is exactly correct. Know this, we don’t want to sit on inventory. We’re working as hard and fast as we can to get every order out ASAP. You’ll get a tracking # emailed when it ships out.
Until then,



Thanks guys, I know I know, I appreciate the hustle!

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I really do hope that you and all of your group had a great Christmas and that you have a productive and happy 2022.
You are putting out a fine piece of machinery. I know for me its worth the wait and appreciate the effort you put into your business.


Not a Journeyman I assume?

No it’s a woodworker.