Relays not turning off

Has anyone else using relays for tool Enable had issues where the relay will not disengage after a cut? When running multiple cuts (same gcode) after a while the relay doesn’t open at the end leaving the router and vacuum running. If i load new files after a run or two the relay will open again. Removing power to the relay also seems to work. Is it possible that this is a relay issue or a controller issue? I have not tried the other relay yet to see if it is just a bad relay.

Next time it append, goto Indicator Tab of Control Page and check state of Pin 15 to see the controller status. It will help you determine if it’s on the iot side or 1F.

The minus sign status is expected when a M5 (GCODE Stop Spindle command) is trigger. The plus sign status is expected after M3 or M4 (GCODE to start Spindle Command).

You can also use the MDI Tab to test manually (i.e. manually Send M3 and M5). Play secure, remove the collet if there is no bit in the spindle.


Good call… Totally forgot about that screen. Will check next time.