Remove download files from the controller

Every time I turn on my controller there is a G Code loaded for a waste board. I select it and delete it and its gets deleted but when I turn off my controller and start up again the next day that file shows up again. I can always delete it but it always comes back whenever I restart the controller. Is the a way to permanently delete it?

So I guess I have to do these confusing steps

Or just ignore the files in the incorrect downloads folder.

You could SSH to the controller and delete them from the terminal, I don’t know if that is any less confusing or dangerous and may result in you re flashing the controller if you do it wrong :wink:

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I only use the USB to load files so I haven’t had this problem. But has anyone tried using a mouse? I thought I read that a right click on a file in pi will bring up the option to delete the file.

If you press and hold on the touch screen it will pop out the same menu as you would get with a right click.

Looking for the same answer…did you ever get a solution as to how to get files off the Pi download folder?

(It seems that download save button should not exist if you can’t delete the files!)
thanks Bill

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I contacted onefinity and they said I had to reflash the firmware there is a topic in here to do that. I just live with them in there one day I will get them removed when i have more time in my hands for machine down time.

I am using a mouse and tha has not worked for me.

I have the same issue. I used the download soft key on the controller to download the current file and theres no way to remove them. Like the onefinity test file. its all there but I cant see how to remove any of those files. I can add them but cant remove them. The delete button on the controller main screen seems to only delete the file being ran. I can delete that file and go to the download folder where the onefinity test file is located andthe file I deleted its still there. I came here to read to find out how and it appears im not the only one having that issue. anyone ever figure this issue out yet and how to remove these files or am I wasting my time. Ill be glad to give support the ip address and they can walk me thru it in the control as I watch them do it so ill know how from there on. I hate to bug you all but inquiring minds want to know lol
Iwell i guess for now they dont hurt nothing but I want be downloading anymore until I know I can remove them.

I think this is similar. I have too many dated .json files on the controller and want to get rid of all but the two I use.

OneFinity, how do I do that? They are in the Desktop/Downloaded folder.

Only way to do that from the desktop/download folder is to flash wipe and reinstall the OS: How to reflash the operating system on the Onefinity (Full SD card image)

Have files there does not affect the machine, however.

Isn’t there a way to update the program to where you could delete specific files instead of having to wipe it and reload?

Also didn’t understand your last comment.

My problem is I made Motor changes and save them, tweaking until I got it the way I wanted. So, what file 9.json) will load on reflash?

If the controller is connected to your local network, you can SSH in from another device to remove the unwanted files. A simple program for this is Putty.


  • Enter the IP address of your controller into the Host Name field.
  • Select SSH for the Connection Type.
  • Click the Open button to begin the session. Upon connecting the first time, you may receive a security dialog. Yes, trust the host.
  • Enter the default credentials — user: bbmc | pass: onefinity
  • At the prompt, elevate your privileges to super user with the command below (you will be prompted for the same password again).
sudo su
  • Change directory to Downloads location.
cd /home/pi/Downloads
  • Display a listing of all files in the directory (make sure you see what you’re looking for).
  • Remove unwanted files. Replace [filename] with the actual file you want to delete (no braces!). Repeat as necessary until all unwanted files are removed. TAB can be used to autocomplete filenames if the partial filename is unique. If the filename contains special characters, escape any special characters with a backslash or surround the entire filename with quotes.
rm [filename]
# Simple example  [filename = onefinity-20220915.json]
rm onefinity-20220915.json

# Example with special characters  [filename = onefinity-20220915 (1).json]
# These commands produce the same result. Only one is required, not both.
rm onefinity-20220915\ \(1\).json
rm "onefinity-20220915 (1).json"
  • Exit super user elevation.
  • Close the terminal session.

EDIT: This can also be done directly from the controller (without requiring SSH) if you have an attached keyboard and monitor. Hold CTRL then individually press t and c in succession to open a terminal window on the controller monitor. Skip directly to the “elevate your privileges” step above.


Thank you so much. I will try that tomorrow morning. I’m hardwired so it should be a breeze. I’ll let you know how it worked.
Is Putty a free program?

Yes, it’s free. I provided a link above at the top of the previous post which will take you directly to the downloads page.


I was able to delete a few but not all because Putty didn’t recognize some.
Example: OneFinity-20220815 (1) .json
It gave me a syntax error.

You have to escape any special characters in the filename with a backslash — \. In this case, a single space and each of the parentheses around the number (I ran a test to check). The command would look like this.

rm onefinity-20220815\ \(1\).json

Alternatively, you can surround the entire filename with quotes.

rm "onefinity-20220815 (1).json"

I have updated the post above to contain this information. I also added instructions for how to open a terminal directly on the controller (without requiring SSH from another device), if desired.


Thanks. Out of town. Will try Saturday or Sunday.

Question can you guys sell us a new micro sd card with the image file already loaded on it ? flashing the sd card is a royal pain. plus id like to just have a back up just in case the sd card quits etc…