Removing X Axis or Y Axis stepper motors

Hi There,

I’m going to be swapping out the stepper motors on the Y Axis, and X Axis of my woodworker.

I’ve detached the 4 bolts that connect to the motor, but wasn’t sure is there is a hidden coupling inside the block that is holding onto the motor yet?

How do you go about removing the motor, and reattaching one?


When you remove the motor, one half of the spider coupling will remain on the motor shaft. The other half of the coupling will be attached to the ball screw, and seen recessed inside the aluminum block. If your new steppers have the same shaft diameter and shaft length, replacing is as easy as attaching the half coupler on the new motor shaft, and reinserting/reengaging the motor. You may need to take some time to adjust the placement of the coupler halves to make sure they are fully connected when the motor is bolted back on to the block.

Thanks for the input.
This really helped clear up my question:

I had used that video myself when I replaced my steppers a while ago, as I was replacing the entire coupler and needed to know how to access/attach the ball screw coupler half. Are you doing the same? If not, I do not think you need to disassemble, but it is still great to know how it is done.