Retractable wheels for Elite QWC

I have a new foreman on the way and will be getting the frame and stand.

I don’t plan to move the assembly regularly but will occasionally need to do so to access other machines for service.

Has anyone tried using retractable casters on the QWC leg set?
I found a great post on a GlowForge site where a user had printed a set of spacers/shims to compensate for the angle of the legs (the casters need a vertical orientation)

These have a weight rating of 900lbs

Any experience?

Secondly, If I am going to be the guinea pig, does anyone (1F?) have the dimensions or profile of the legs so that I can start to model shims.

The wheels retract by 3/4" which should be sufficient for it to then rest on the leveling feet of the stand?

I would probably just do a lift platform cart like they sell at harbor freight and lift it from the bottom of the qcw directly by throwing some board to spread the load. Then you have a shop cart too.

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That’s one solution but $200 and I still need wood and a frame above it and below the onefinity. Those 900lb load casters are $40. It looks from the diagrams that the sides of the legs are vertical (they are splayed in one direction only) and so they could be clamber there. Probably need to support/strengthen the tube so that it doesn’t crush when the wheels are bolted into it.

After doing a little more digging, I think I found a better set. These have a load capacity of 840lbs and also (importantly) can be removed once the CNC is in place. I noticed that the casters of this type have a horizontal projection that is quite significant and would be a PITA in day-to-day operation. These latest once have a plate that allows them to be slid in and out.

Q. Can the adjustable feet be removed from the ends of the legs so that I can put a plate inside? I’m thinking the easiest way to mount these would be to drill holes in the sides and have some captive nuts glued onto a plate that can go on the inside of the tube of the leg.



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