QCW Fixed Stand with Legs Shake

I have the Elite Foreman on the QCW Fixed Stand with Legs. I recently started carving some pieces that move back and forth on the Y axis. This is leading to an insane amount of shaking within the entire apparatus. I am talking like 2 to 3 inches back and forth. It is concerning to me since I am still learning and I don’t know how much this earthquake-like shake is affecting everything. Just looking for reassurance that this is normal and it won’t cause any issues.

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Hey Doinok,

I would point you to the same thread.


Possibly it will. What I think → is this.

If I imagine I would use these Fixed Stand Legs on the QCW Frame, I would miss a sturdy table (one with no earthquakes) and the Any Surface Leveling System. On a gantry-type CNC machine with two Y axes, you forcibly need a way to adjust coplanarity, and what could be simpler than the Any Surface Leveling System?

My QWC with rolling folding legs is stable a does not move a mm.
Something is wrong, can we see pictures of the workpiece clamped and the whole setup?

I have mine on a very heavy wooden table and I get a little movement when running high feed rates with a lot of reversing action, I would expect the QWC to move move than my table.