QCW Stand / Kreg - Wobble?

Hello. I am interested in buying a Foreman model and have been looking into tables. The QCW stand looks good but is it truly wobble-free? From what I have seen on videos, the Kreg tables aren’t stiff and move significantly when the CNC is running. Thoughts? Advice? Anyone have a different experience? Thanks!

Dear Engineers, Curious, is it a problem if a table wobbles a bit if everything else moves: table, work piece and cnc?

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Hey Doinok,

neither the QCW frame nor a Kreg table will prevent that the Onefinity CNC machine will get twisted according to the floor irregularities, and the floor usually isn’t really flat, nowhere. The frame will not wobble, but be twisted.

A twisted machine can only produce twisted surfaces on your workpiece, that is why you always have to check a CNC machine for coplanarity. But with the Any Surface Leveling System (now included with QCW frame), you adjust your QCW Frame for coplanarity in case you moved the machine to another position on the floor.

Regarding stiffness of a Kreg table, I never used one but at first sight, it has no stabilizing diagonals, but many people seem to use one. I would prefer a stiffier table though. There are many shown, most made of wood, in this forum.

Welcome to the forum!

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Hey Andy,

to buy a machine that really will wobble if you put a coin under one of its feet, I think you would have to spend the price of a car for it. There exist such machines, they are made of extremely thick rolled and/or casted steel and their frame is usually annealed for stress relief with temperatures of 550 – 650 °C in gigantic annealing furnaces like shown here and here.


If such a machine would really wobble, there would be acceleration and deceleration forces acting on all parts. Depending on how much it tilts and how large the masses of the moving parts are (e.g. X gantry with Z slider and milling motor), I would not exclude that it is possible that you impact the work process, e.g. make the machine loose steps on a stepper motor.

But I don’t think someone will first buy such an expensive machine and then let it wobble :slight_smile: But who knows.

PS: The cheapest machine I know which is made as described above (welded out of 10 mm thick rolled steel profiles and annealed for stress relief) is this one for Journeyman size. But I don’t know if it is already stiff enough that it would wobble if you put a coin under one of its feet. Note the price is without steppers, controller, spindle and table.

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Hey Doinok,

I should add that if you browsed the forum, you may have seen that there are table concepts that are not tables with four legs. An example of this is

Here you can see a Fisher-style table that includes the capability of Vertical clamping:

Here I collected a few links to table concepts I found remarkable (and also a remarkable enclosure):

This one allows working on very high workpieces as its machine bed is open:

This is made of 4" × 4" beams and looks rock-solid.

Interesting the vertical clamping vise:

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