Rotary on QCW Frame

Has anyone added a rotary axis to an Elite that’s mounted on a QCW Frame?
Seems this would be a problem with clearance height.


I’m using a Sherline rotary on a QCW frame. Planning on getting rid of the QCW, but for now I have the rotary table at the back of the machine. No clearance issues, since it’s outside of the spindle travel area. Since it’s mounted in this orientation, I have the Masso controller reversing the A-axis direction.

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Thanks Dan.
I was thinking of this, but I think your way is better as rotary sits outside your cutting space.

Mine is still in the idea stage but I may adapt your idea.
I have the 48" x 32" size. Unfortunately, I have to go along the 32” length so I lose 16”.
I bought this:

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Honestly, mine is just thrown together. I bought the small rotary so I could experiment with different rotary CAM software. The rotary is meant to bolt onto the parallel T-tracks on the cast iron table of a Sherline mini mill. I just used the single T-track on the QCW, then shimmed it in place temporarily, which has sort of become more permanent than intended.

If I ever get around to it, I’m going to throw out the QCW and build a stiffer table. I have a 6 inch rotary ready to put together, once I have a table stiff enough to trust to mill the face plate.

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My rotary is permanently installed close to the edge of the cutting area.
I have installed 10mm risers (marked blue in the second image) so that all parts of the Z-gantry clear the rotary.

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Slick idea.
Did the 10mm risers cause any issues? I wouldn’t think so.
So the tailstock must clear with the 10 mm risers?

Get the 10mm risers on Amazon?

Yes, it clears, no issues.
I believe I got the spacers and screws from harfington or boltdepot