Run controller OS without a full controller

As I patiently await the arrival of my recently ordered X50 I thought I might be able to familiarize myself with the controller menus hands on in real time.
I grabbed a working Pi3B and flashed the 1.0.9 file on the working MicroSD card.
When I power up the Pi I have the status LED flash code 4 long 4 short, which means unsupported board type.
I’ve tried three known good MicroSD cards, and a known good Pi3B and Pi4B.
Flashed multiple times with both Raspberry Pi Imager and BalenaEtcher.
Same result no matter what.
Does the image require all the controller hardware connected in order to boot?


@RandomPoster while I could not find a reference to share, I recall that the controller board is a custom RPI hardware fork, much like 1F controller SW is a fork or buildbotocs.

Thank you for that info.