Screen show Disconnected with each attempt to operate


I am running a multi-toolpath (separate toolpaths) and just completed the second to last one. When I try to move the router with the controller there is no response and if I try with the touchscreen it shows disconnected. (video attached).

I know that I have to reboot but the job is using a center datum and I will lose X and Y zero once I reboot so I noted the Absolute and Offset for X (7.74 in) and Y (8.699 in) and then rebooted.

After reboot as it was homing however, I noticed that X went across 8.8 in and Y 8.264 in, so I jogged to that position as the new origin which is closer to the original than what was noted in the Absolute (and Offset) value.

So my questions are:

(1) Why would the absolute (and offset) values differ from what was reporting when homing and I had homed before the toolpaths when it stopped responding.

(2) What would be the best way to ensure that you get back to an origin which is not Front Left of the workpiece should the machine hiccup again?