Separate stall current settings for homing/probing

I have a wall hung setup, and due to the weight of the aftermarket 2.2kw water cooled spindle and journeyman size, I have to set the x axis motor stall current to 0.5a otherwise during homing, the motor will grind and it will be unable to detect the end of the axis.

But i cannot leave it set at 0.5a because it affects the probing process (i have to set it back to 2a). Otherwise the router will accelerate to the end of x axis after 2nd touch of the bit to the probe block.

I have to manually set this every time i need to home or probe. Its a bit annoying and I’d have to imagine anyone with a wall hung setup faces this issue too. I’d like to request separate settings for stall current for homing and for probing.