Setup to carve on a standard size door

Is it possible to mount the Onfinity in such a way that one can feed a longer piece of material through it? Similar to how the X-carve Pro is 4 feet wide so it can accommodate a standard 8x4 sheet, but I am wanting to carve on a standard door and feed it trough to carve half at a time?

Please let me know if anyone has setup something similar and how exactly I can try going about setting up these tool paths to line up exactly in VCarve Pro

You can most definitely leave the front and back spaces open for an unlimited stock length. You then just need to tile your cut.

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When you say standard size, what size are you talking?

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36" x80" inch i think is American standard. on the Woodworker the feet are 36" apart. So you should be good.


Did you get something figured out? I’ve been thinking about this and have a vision of the Onefinity’s feet sitting down into a wide enough channel, bolted to the channel, with angle iron welded across the ends of the channel. The angle iron would be long enough to provide easy clearance for a door to slide under this assembly. Just a thought.

Hi Gary,

What I’ve done is mounted my machine on a longer table rather than the square ones being used. I have an extra piece of mdf "wasteboard’ on the front and back side of my regular wasteboard to support the material being cut and keep things level.

Wanted to be able to cut longer parts, which I am having great success with thanks to V-Carve Pro’s Tiling function.

Thanks for the input!

Good to hear you worked it out.
I didn’t realize how old your post was!
Sort of planning on doing the same with the length on mine, back extension will flip up and front will plug in so I can still have an area to clamp parts vertically for joint machining.
Looking forward to getting my machine and getting with it next week.