Shutdown on wallmount

When powering down x50 on wallmount is there a solution to stop the x rail releasing the z rail to fall down to the bottom of the machine.

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when power is cut off from stepper motors they loose their Electromagnetic Detent so they can hold their position only by the remaining Magnetic moment, which is usually not enough to prevent massive moving parts in the kinetic chain from moving them by gravity.

The remedy, however, is to retrofit an electromagnetic brake. It lets the stepper axis move freely when there is power, and when the power fails it clamps the stepper motor axis and prevents it from turning.

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I use a low-tech method. I cut a couple of pieces of wood that I stick in between the Y rails so when the X drops, it gets held up by the two wooden supports.

I don’t have the 1F vertical table but I have a rotating table top that I keep stored in a vertical position.

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Thank you for that info.
I see what you are talking about with the brake. I looked at the one suggested for Nema 23. It appears that it has to go between the coupler and stepper motor. But, is the shaft long enough to make it through the brake to the coupler. Or I’m I looking at this wrong. Installation is my question.

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Please see my reply here (on the new topic you created)