Small lines on 3d Carve

I have several small lines where it looks like the z isn’t quite what its supposed to be. Nothing I cant sand out just wondering why this is happening? Anyone have any idea? I’m using a skinny Jenny at 8% stepover, 80IPM and 50 plunge (although I think this is overridden when in 3d finishing mode…).

Any help appreciated,


Just a thought. Many times throughout a carve, you don’t realize it, but your releasing stresses in the wood. What you thought was still perfectly flat/ attached to the spoilboard now has a slight cup upward. If the marks shown weren’t meant to be milled, maybe increase the retract value of the bit, a bit higher. I’m by no means an expert, but have come to realize how much wood can change during milling. I also understand how setting a bare minimum retract value for the bit saves a ton of time on a carve. I play safe to hopefully account for wood movement vs time/results.

Just throwing in my 1.5 cents worth; this does kind of look more like a material and/or splintering issue. Other possibilities may be:

  • Reducing the step over to 5 or 6 percent
  • Adjust feed rate up or down
  • Use a different bit, including a sharper one or maybe a ball nose
  • Reduce depth-per-cut
  • Change cut direction from climb to conventional
  • Test on different type of wood

I found myself setting my hand on my wasteboard while checking on carves to cause this

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