Solidworks to Gcode

I have carveco that came with my x-50 woodworker and I don’t like that I have to rebuild all my solidworks parts from scratch. I’m about to start carving acrylic in a month or so and have about 140 solidworks parts to convert to gcode for the onefinity. Is there a more plug and play software that I can use with solidworks? Its going to take me a long time to redo all my parts from scratch in CAM software unless someone has any experience with a faster way. I’m new to all this and Im bringing my prototype to life after living as a 3d model for 2 years of development. If there is no other way what is an average rate I can hire someone to convert the parts to gcode for my onefinity.

Hello Kenneth,
When you say:

solidworks parts to convert to gcode for the onefinity.

Do you mean you have g-code already that was made with solidworks?
If so then what machine/controller was it made for? You may not need to do much to convert it to what is needed by Onefinity.
If you could attach one of your smaller files to a reply we could see what is needed.

However if you mean you just have models in Solidworks then you will need to get them converted - probably step.

Hey @Kenneth91619

Can you elaborate a little bit more on what exactly you are trying to do? Are you brining your sketches from Solidworks into Carveco or are you brining in your entire 3D model as a relief? How complicated are the parts?

We use Solidworks and Design X for our design packages and have been brining stuff into Carveco for machining. It just depends what exactly you are trying to do.

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You should be able to export sketches from SolidWorks as DXF files that can be imported into Carveco. I’m not sure if Carveco takes DXFs natively but there will be some file type export from SolidWorks that will work in Carveco, SVG will be your best best if SolidWorks can do that. This will save you from having to redo everything. This is how I used to move my 2D machining from Fusion into Vcarve. It’s a bit time consuming but way faster than redoing it all in the very user unfriendly node and vector editing style that most CAM software uses.


Hi Kenneth,
It would be good to understand more whether the gcode already made works with Solidworks
I have in the past converted Solidworks to gcode and would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here