Old Solidworks Models

I have many 3D models made in solid works from past projects.
I do not have a CAM program.
My solid works let’s me save my models as many formats. Parasolids, STEP files, STL files, IGES etc.
Will Onefinity controller take any of these directly or is there another software required to translate these files first for gcode?
I sure would like to use these older models if possible without recreating.
Any help figuring this out would be appreciated

No, almost no CNC will do that.

This. I don’t know your use case but Vcarve can import several of these file types and is the most intuitive program I’ve used for toolpathing.
If you are approaching things more from a machinist point of view than woodworkers you might consider the CAM in Fusion 360. It will import STEP just great.


So if I import a step file into fusion I can use that cam program to do the g codes
That sounds easy enough
Thanks for clearing that up


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