Toolpath machine file format

I was wondering if I’m doing this right when I save my tool path.
Will this setting work for my Onefinity.

Machine file format : G-code ( inches ) *.tap

Sorry all new to this cnc stuff.

Hey Terryjames,

which CAD/CAM software are you using?

This is wrong, see here:

See also:

Does not read tap files

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I’m using carveco. I have the controller box from Onefinity

Hey Terryjames,

Then you should use the Onefinity-specific postprocessor:

Further Reading

Sorry carveco maker I have. Bought it with my machine

Hey Terryjames,


All you have to do is to choose the Onefinity postprocessor.

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Use the drop down arrow on the machine file format line and select Onefinity (either inch or mm).ngc
I use the one labeled OnefinityNoToolchange.(inch.ngc)

Thanks for the help !!