Spetool Speeds and Feeds

Hi All

I’ve just purchased the following and wondered if anyone could recommend some speeds and feeds, I’ve had a look on the Spetool website but couldn’t find anything for wood.

I mainly cut MDF, Oak and sometimes Walnut.

Any Help appreciated


From spetool’s website:

AI3F4F6-11 (shopify.com)

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Thanks for that Pete was it on the website and I missed it ?


Yes, they had a link to it on their website.

Hi Paul,

I have a 2.2kw Spindle

So hopefully all good


Hello the power is one thing, tramming is another. With such a large bit it may show some lines on your spoilboard if not trammed exact due to diameter which will exagerate any tramming deviations, specially on large passes… but it depends what you do with your machine, maybe that meets your needs. Just saying… Happy milling!