Spoil Board Bits

I am sure there are plenty of different views on what bits to use but I am new CNC owner (well as soon as it arrives) and I was wondering about the the spoil board. Why does a spoil board have to be refinished and when do you know its time to do it? If I understand this correctly it’s sole purpose is to provide a platform for the work to be done and it will get marked up in the process regardless so at what point do you know its time to refinish the board and how often can you reuse this board?
The second question would be about the bit itself. I understand that many people like the bit with the change out blades on them and although it cost a little more upfront, its cheaper then buying a new bit several times. Can the blades be sharpened on the bits that don’t have replaceable blades and how often do you have to replace a bit that hopefully doesn’t get used that often? I say not often because after watching the Ben Myers video on the spoil board, I don’t want to have to do that job to much!!

Thanks for your help on this in advance. I am just trying to get everything together now for the August delivery.

How often you have to refinish your spoil board is a matter of how much you abuse it. As long as your work mounts flat you are good. When the high spots start matching up with the low spots making proper mounting hard then it is time to reface it. You don’t have to go all the way back to a pristine looking board either, just enough to get good consistent mounting.

Thank you for the information. So if I only plan on being a weekend user, how long can a resurfacing bit last and can it be re-sharpened or do I have to purchase a new one once it gets dull?

If we supposed that you have to resurface twice a year, the bit should last for several years.

While technically you can resharpen full carbide bits I have never known anyone who does it.

I have the Amana RC-2265. Buy it and never look back. I’m not sure if you can have the inserts resharpened but I know you can replace the inserts and they aren’t expensive!!