Leveling Spoilboard bit

What is a good bit to use to level out a spoilboard. For now I will still be using the makita trim router

I bought one of these … seems to do the job well. There are others more expensive but why pay extra when this does the job?

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I use Whiteside 6210 CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit, 1/4" Shank.

I use this but for more then just surfacing the spoil board in many of my projects as well.



Probably the same bit but because Whiteside put their name on it … it more than doubles the price.

I bought this one. I like the replaceable 4 sided blades. I figure it’ll get plenty of use over time so it’ll be worth it. So far I’ve only used it for surfacing the spoilboard but it worked well. They sell the same bit with a 1/4" shank.

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And it’s probably four times the quantity. Buy cheap Chinese tatt if you must in the long run and from my experience, I might add, my Whiteside has done six projects and run for 15-18 hours and is still good to go. The last POS bit I bought from Amazon lasted 1 project or forty minutes before replacement.

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I have one of these: Finger Pull Bit

Considering I have a 240V/2.2KW spindle, does anyone see an issue using this for spoilboard flattening?