Squaring t tracks

just ordered the woodworker x50.Starting to plan bench and waste brd. Once i get the machine set up can i use a bit to scribe lines for the parameter of wb on the bench and then scribe lines equally spaced to line up t tracks. would i need a program or can i do it manually with controller. thanks

Hey Butch,

sure you could use a v-bit and minimal cutting depth.

In any case I would take the opportunity and use the setting to first check if the machine is “squared”, since it is a similar procedure. You create a rectangle as g-code that exactly has the size of the workarea, you mill it (sort of engraving with v-bit at minimal depth) and then you check whether the diagonals in this rectangle are equal. If they are, the machine is rectangular (=“squared”). Then I would proceed with marking T-tracks or etc. Usually you would create a g-code program for this, however others have done that before so you could use their model. You can find some e.g. here: etsy.com: Onefinity waste board

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ok thank you for the info

I agree with the previous comment, and I cut .76"x.5"-.6" slots for my t-track using my machine and clean up any material left at the ends with a chisel. I used to have my t-track mounted directly to the tabletop and would cut MDF pieces to fit in between them, but I found my current method to be more convenient and accurate.

There are tons of wasteboard plans for sale, but I recommend creating your own, even if you use one you purchase just to get started. I installed my 3rd wasteboard and finally feel like I have something that is just right; for now…