Standard Wire Lengths

Can anyone tell me what the lengths are of ALL the standard cables that come with the Woodworker? For the display as well? Like many of you waiting for your machine, I am designing my table and enclosure. Based on where I am locating my controller and display, I would like to know if I have to order extensions and to what lengths, before my machine ships. Also, if someone has the H x W x D dimensions of the display panel, that would be great too.

Here’s what I found. I’d expect cable tolerances to be up to +/- 1" depending on the manufacturer/source.

Main AC Power Cord (from wall receptacle to controller) - 67" (NOT including end plugs)
Touchscreen power supply (“Wall Wart” to barrel jack) - 47" (NOT including the wall plug)
Touchscreen USB Cable (zip-tied together with HDMI cable) - 38" including plug ends
Touchscreen HDMI Cable (zip-tied together with USB cable) - 39.5" including plug ends

M0 to X Axis motor cable (zip-tied together with M3 to Z motor cable) - 43" including plug ends
M3 to Z Axis motor cable (zip-tied together with M0 to X motor cable) - 43" including plug ends
M1 to Y1 Axis motor cable (zip-tied together with M2 to Y2 motor cable) - 67" including plug ends
M2 to Y2 Axis motor cable (zip-tied together with M1 to Y1 motor cable) - 26" including plug ends.

If you want to know the wire lengths for the motor cables, not including the plug ends, subtract about 1.25" from the total length. The pairs of wires are zip-tied together for convenience, but could be separated easily if needed.

The display panel is
~7-1/8" wide (~7-1/4" if you include the buttons which protrude from the side)
~4-3/8" high
~3/8" thick (Add another 3/8" to include the plastic magnet mount on the back of the display which snaps into the mount you secure to the front of the machine).



Thank you for the detailed description of the wires. It was EXACTLY what I was asking for. I thought to myself, this guy must be an engineer. Now I see from your profile that you are. I too am an engineer, but of the mechanical kind. I won’t hold it against you. Great job.

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Hahaha I think I’m mechanically-minded, behind the scenes. Glad to help! I actually tried to upload a full system packing list in another thread, but the PDF didn’t seem to upload…If you’re interested, check that thread out.

I need the same information (all the standard cable lengths) for the Machinist. Thanks!