Wire Connections

Does anyone know what these connector types for the stepper motors, probe, and laser called?
I’ve found similar style connectors but none that match the key shape on the control boxes ports

Cable Connectors.pdf (535.0 KB)

This is the connectors I got this from customer support yesterday.
Big shout out to Jenn at onefinity for the help and info


The posted the same picture in a thread as well.


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Thanks i like the pdf format.

Has anyone found any other sources for the connectors & pins?
DigiKey is out of some while some require a 3,000pc minimum order.
I’d like to make some longer cables for my machine (when it arrives) in case I want to move the controller a little farther away from the machine. Rather not add extension cables as they could be a point of failure.

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Search for the thread “has anyone else considered drag chains”. There are discussions on sourcing purchase of connectors and pins well down in the thread.


I’m going to be doing the same thing! Here’s a spreadsheet with sources for the connectors and crimp pins needed to make extension cables. It includes Digikey and Mouser sources with hyperlinks directly for quick ordering. If you find any issues with this PDF or the contents, please let me know!

Best of luck,

1F Connectors Order Spreadsheet.pdf (73.4 KB)


Allen’s info tracks with what I found. I think I ended up ordering everything from Mouser, but I could be wrong - I do recall having problems trying to source everything from one place, which is why I started looking for alternatives. Turns out the exact same connector from the same manufacturer, but a different color, can be a completely different part number. Super convenient :wink:


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@cyberreefguru What did you do to terminate the crimp pins on the wires? Do you have a crimper that is capable of properly crimping these pins or did you use pliers and solder? I wasn’t able to find all connectors in stock at just one location, and I didn’t even think to look for different colored housings and so forth!

Hi Allen - I have a crimper from another project. But even when I crimp I usually solder as well - I just don’t trust crimped only connections. Too many bad experiences.

Looks like I got everything from Newark, not Mouser:

  • MOLEX 39-01-3042 Connector Housing, No Pull Tabs, UL 94V-2, Mini-Fit Jr. 5557 Series, Receptacle, 4 Positions - USD 1.75
  • MOLEX 39-00-0039 Contact, Mini-Fit® Jr.™, Mini-Fit Jr. 5556 Series, Socket, Crimp, 18 AWG, Tin Plated Contacts - USD 2.75
  • FCI 10127716-04LF Connector Housing, FCI Minitek Pwr 3.0 Series, Receptacle, 4 Positions, 3 mm - USD 0.59
  • MOLEX 43030-0001 Contact, Micro-Fit 3.0™, Micro-Fit 3.0 43030 Series, Socket, Crimp, 20 AWG, Tin Plated Contacts - USD 2.55

$7.64 total; $9.99 to ship (sigh)



The plug type is a Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Dual row they are available in 2-4-6 etc wire configurations.

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Hi do you know which molex connectors are used on the z stepper motor?
Thank you

Do you know which connector is used on the z stepper motor?

Mike - I believe x,y, and z are the same. One type for the controller, the other type for the stepper.