Custom cable for rotary addon?

I have the JTech Rotary - which works fine, and connects to the M2 port, removing the Y axis.

I’d LOVE an easier way of connecting it, as I have the QCW and my controller is underneath.

So - is there any option out there to connect this rotary to the Y axis cable as it comes up to the gantry, instead of behind the controller? I’d not object to having something custom made, if it doesn’t exist.

someone on the FB group pointed me to the connector list in here, but that just baffled me more :slight_smile:

Hey Paul,

making your own custom cables, as described here, requires equipment like crimp pliers inserts and knowledge.

The tin-plated Molex connectors found on the Onefinity and Buildbotics Controllers are NOT made for frequent plugging.

What I imagine could help you would be a switch that can switch back and forth between the Y-motor and the rotary unit, and to which custom cables are connected. If you don’t have the equipment/knowledge on how to do this, I imagine there is someone waiting to make this custom thing for you everywhere in the world. You could search for a makerspace in your area and try to find someone.

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I certainly don’t have that knowledge - a switchable cable would be amazing - I’d commission one if someone with the knowledge could make one - but I wouldn’t know how to find that person, or what to ask for, if they weren’t already familiar with the OF

Hey Paul,

you could ask @Greg (Route1WoodDesign). They sell this.

You could send @Greg the link to your rotary accessory and ask for “Switch, positioned on or at the QCW frame, that can switch between the original Onefinity Y-stepper and the Rotary accessory stepper, with cables.”

I would make the cable to the rotary long enough so that you can store the rotary somewhere without unplugging its stepper when not in use. You know, tin-plated contacts are not made for frequent plugging.

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Thank you! Thats super helpful. I’ll reach out to him

Hey Paul,

to be complete, the least expensive solution could be a stepper extension cable like those Onefinity sells (2 ft. long, 4 ft. long) but you would still be plugging and unplugging. But you would extend the cable away from the underside of the QCW frame. Unfortunately you have to buy two but need only one.

If you cannot avoid to plug and unplug tin-plated contacts frequently, I would give them a little Kontakt 61.

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I’ve reached out to Greg, thank you - if that doesn’t pan out, I’ll buy the extension cable for sure.

If you end up going down the custom cable route, you may want to look into at adding aircraft quick disconnects at the interim connection point…

Edit… I have my rotary tool but my machine is currently in storage until our new house is built. I would be interested in what your final solution ends up being, as I will be looking at doing something similar, hence my thought above.

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I’ll let you know what I end up doing. I’ve emailed JTech to make the suggestion, and reached out to someone on Etsy (link above) to see if it’s something he’d be interested in taking on.

Meanwhile, I lay on my back under my QCW, fiddling with the M2 port!