Using an extension cable on my M2 wire?

I have a Journeyman, on a QCW, and my M2 wire is JUST about able to reach the controller.
I also occasionally use the JTECH rotary, which requires me to plug and unplug this cable.

Is there any reason why I can’t run the 2’ extension cable (this one) out of my M2 port, and swap my M2 plug and rotary back and forth? It’ll give me much less strain on the connection.

Any draw backs? I assume this cable is supported, but in this application?

Hey Paul,

I see no problem, except that these connectors are not made for frequent plugging and unplugging. Did this solution not work?

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It did not. We chatted, but with the holidays, the chat died off. I haven’t come back to the rotary since then, so it wasn’t top of mind. I did buy the extension, and will use it - I don’t expect to be swapping the connection too frequently, but it’s considerably easier to do that than try and get the M2 plug from the back of the controller.

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