Wire gauge size of cables?

I want to make some custom extensions for my cables that connect the stepper motors to the controller. I have my machine on site but not set up yet. Before I cut into the existing cables I wanted to know what gauge the wire is that is used for those connectors? Any help will be appreciated.

Were you aware that they sell extension cables on the 1F site? They are available in 2ā€™ & 4ā€™

Yes I was but I have a ton of wire laying around.

Roger that, soldered extensions would ultimately be better than adding 2 more plug connector connections.

Did you ever get your answer on the gauge size?

Looks like the cables are 22ga stranded wire.
I may be extending my cables too, Iā€™m probably going to go with 18ga wire just to be safe.

I just did mine yesterday and I also used 18 ga wire.

I had a heck of a time crimping on to the 18ga wires. Any advice?