Starting speeds & feeds for spoilboard surfacing

Finally got my machine, table is mostly complete & I’m looking to create g-code to surface the spoilboard when the time comes… but I’m not sure what feeds & speeds to start with.
Using a 1", 3 flute surfacing bit. I plan on taking a very light cut & don’t mind running the code a few times to get everything nice & flat.
Any tips or recommendations to get started?

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I just finished my first surfacing run with a similar bit. I took .008 at a plunge rate of 50 and speed of 200 and the Makita set on “4”. MDF doesn’t offer much resistance.


John, are your measurements in mm or inches?

My measurements are in inches - inches per minute for those rates.

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Wow How fast can you push the Onefinity Cnc? Check out this video and you will be amazed at this Cnc running at a whopping 324 ipm.

Yes you read it correctly, I had my Makita set at 4. Feed rate is 324 ipm, feed per tooth is 0.006 my plunge/ramp was 25 ipm and I used the cheap 1" 3 flute surfacing bit from amazon.
took only 12 minutes to run 4 passes of 0.03125" deep for a total of .125" depth. I did this to resurface my wasteboard but to also add a 90 x/y edge to square up my material. Also it was only a 30 x 24 wasteboard. Check it out if you wanna see it fly.