Stop QCW frame from moving while still being able to adjust levelers

Preventing QCW frame/machine from walking on table top: I needed a way to prevent my machine from “walking” when in use on my tabletop. I didn’t want to physically attach the frame to the table in order to maintain use of the supplied leveling feet. I thought I would share my solution. I used a 4 x 4 piece of 1/4 MDF with a center hole sized to just fit the diameter of the foot. I also added a hole sized for #6 screw 3/8 of an inch inside each corner. After placing the “ anchor” under each leveling foot, I was able to position my where I needed it. Once in place, you can drive the #6 screws to complete the installation. With the center just slightly larger than the foot, I can still adjust the leveler.


It looks like you were just setting yours up for the first time in the original post from last year, which is the boat I’m in too. Has anyone indicated that walking on the surface is an issue to prevent? I had considered this, but didn’t see a bunch of people talking about it so thought it might not be an issue.

I can confirm this is an issue depending on why your surface is. If your top is MDF it’s going to move. Plywood a little less. This is an amazing idea im putting into action tomorrow.

I drilled a 1/16" deep pocket for the feet to sit in.

Hmm, I guess it’s more of an issue the higher ipm you’re feeding—I drew some lines around my feet as references while I’ve done my surfacing and first cut at around 80-90ipm and the thing hasn’t budged on the plywood it’s sitting on. I may still do this for peace of mind though.

My surface is pre finished plywood and is somewhat slick. Other surfaces might have enough friction to prevent movement. I have since removed the “anchor plates” from the rear feet of the QCW frame because they were preloading it and preventing it from squaring itself. Securing the front two feet is more than sufficient to prevent any moving/walking.

I did similar. Hole is 2 ¼”. Front right with reversed y-rails and Elite upgrade.