Suggested 3D printer (solved, answer in comments)

I’ve been considering getting a printer to compliment my woodworker. I honestly don’t know a whole lot about them and was wondering if you guys that have one(or many) had any suggestions. I did do some googling and was considering

I’m not sure if I should go resin or filament to be honest. Resin just seems so much cleaner.

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Resin has its own issues - far easier to start with filament. I have two recommendations for brands: Ender or Prusa. Ender is low end, high value. Prusa (mine is Prusa Original i3 MK3 S) is an excellent machine made in Czech Republic. Ender is Chinese. Visit for reviews and excellent tutorials.


Thanks will check it out.

I have a few videos just on that subject!


After doing some research I decided on the Artillery X1 version 4. It looked to have the structural stability, print area, extruder type, and print ability and quality I wanted. It was in the middle as far as price. There are so many printers, and so many reviews that at some point I had to just trust in the product. I have only had it for a few months but have been printing something on most days - so far it has worked extremely well without any adjustments other than the required/recommended bed leveling. It was advertised as being quiet compared to many other printers, and this has become one of the best attributes, on top of consistent print quality. Hopefully it will continue to impress over the years to come.

I have an Ender 3 V2. Easy to set up, easy to print, and low cost in my opinion. It’s like dummy proofing 3d printing. The only time I’ve had a print fail is when I didn’t take the time to check the bed level before starting.


I have had prusa for a couple of years now. I’m no techy and wanted something of quality and reliability and an extensive support group. Prusa has all this. Nice piece of kit.

As others said go with filament over resin. I have both a prusa and and ender 3. I much prefer the prusa even after throwind quite a bit of extra money into the ender to improve it. I think they have improved (but do your research) but early enders had some saftey issues. Look up “teaching tech thermal runaway” on youtube to watch some burn. I replaced the controller board to improve safety. Prusa is a harder build for sure, but I like it much better in the long run. The market is flooded so there are lots of good choices and lots of junk out there.

I print so much that the filiment has long eclipsed the cost of the printers (kind of like the film and camera thing when cameras did use film). I’m new to the cnc world, but already I see how much cnc and 3d printing complement each other.

I second the Prusa, I have had the creality CR-10, Ord-bot Hardon and the MendelMax. The Prusa is the only printer that has been consistent and does not need upgrades after purchase. If you are new and want to save time and effort I say go with the Prusa.

I’ve gotten this as my dual extruder printer to print TPU well, to get it printing well I turned off retraction in Cura and designed out any Z-hops as much as possible - where there were any making sure it was easy to cut away any stringing.

Do you have an idea of what kind of items you are planning to make? Resin is great for fine details and miniatures, figurines etc… but it gets messy, smelly and not ideal for larger mechanical parts. Filament based printers usually need a little extra mechanical tuning but do tend to be most people’s starting point.

As for brands, Prusa is the standard most are held against, it’s a project just to assemble it, but a great learning experience as it is 3D printed itself. Ender is probably the best budget printer, the S1 is a great starting point at less than half the cost of a Prusa. Anycubic seems to be the popular choice currently for economic resin printers…

edit… just realized I’m responding to an old thread… :face_with_peeking_eye:


That’s a great intro video!

I have a kobra max still in the box

Well, I finally bit the bullet on a 3D printer but went a little different route. Bambu Labs makes 3 models of filament printers, the least expensive (P1P $699) coming in at less than half the price of the most expensive (X1 Carbon $1450.) I bought the P1P since it has most of the vitals of the X1 Carbon and I will not be printing exotic materials that require a really hot bed or hot end. It prints beautifully and quite a bit faster than most others printers out there. If you have need of multiple materials/colors in a single print, there is a 4-spool auto feed system that can be added on to the P1P for $350 - it comes standard on the X1 Carbon.

The people behind the company did not plan for the response they’ve received. There is currently a lag between demand and supply for filament and spare parts. That gap is expected to close soon. Quality filament from any vendor works fine.

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I have been putting the Bambu Labs P1P through it’s paces and it truely is a great machine. Every bit as good as my Prusa printers but faster. Hopefully it will be just as reliable and consistent over time!

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We have many of these in our development lab: bambu X1 carbon


I have an X1 with two AMS… it’s the best budget 3DP on the planet.

Based on the above from 1F I bought an X1C last week with AMS but I think I got a Monday model.

It won’t pass sonic calibration - and seems like righthand “tensioner” is not working as it should. Problem with tensioner system is prints are not coming out “square” and and circles are not round. AMS have issues unloading material almost every time.

It prints really nice and fast - 3-4 times faster than Zortrax and Ultimakers. AMS colour change waste a lot of material.

I hope I can get it to work - but Bambu support is overloaded so every answer takes 3 work days. We are probably 2 answers from returning the printer to Bambu - waiting a while and getting a new one.

Bummer. Mine has been dreamy so far and have been running it every day. Hope you get the kinks worked out.

I have been leaning towards this machine for a while. Did you just buy the printer/AMS? Or did you buy one of the bundles or the machine with a bunch of accessories?