Tiling a full 4'x8' sheet

I’ve studied some videos and thought about this. I think I know the answer, but I just want to double check. I got a journeyman so 48"x32" + 0.25". How can I cut the whole 4’x8’ with only 3 tile moves? I’m not sure I can do it with using indexing holes/dowels. If I didn’t index and just measured, I believe I could do it, but otherwise I don’t have enough room to cut the 32" with the offset hole. So, I would need to move my sheet goods a minimum of 4 times. Correct?
Thanks! I’m new at this and it’s taking a minute understand it all.

I just did 31.75 on my journeyman. It’s super tight on 32" on my machine. make sure to really dial in zero on the workpiece relative to the table.


In my opinion, you will be successful using the information from this link: https://youtu.be/lTXcAo9_Gnc?si=CKZCFXJFet24Oxlv. I am on a smaller machine but the fundamentals should be the same.

One difference that worked for me was to use 4 dowels and align the material at the very edge of what the machine can machine. See the attached project story:

Best of luck!

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