Tool Database download to Carveco

I am new to the CNC world and recently bought a onefinity with carveco and the bits & bits starter kit. I’m trying to download the tool database from bits & bits. Bits & bits is a .vtbd file. Carveco requires .tbd files. Is there a work around for this?

Hello Doug – welcome to the forums. You cannot convert the Vectric database to Carveco (though that would be an interesting intellectual endeavor). I just checked and it seems there is no Carveco database available directly from Bits and Bits. Hamilton Dilbeck (@hamdiggity) does offer one through his CNC With Me platform, but the platform does cost money to join.

Hopefully someone here who uses Carveco is willing to share their DB with you. Alternatively, you can simply add the ends you own manually. That is how I built my Fusion DB.


Hi Tom, thanks for the response. I have a lot to learn right now so maybe I will take that approach in the future. I think the path of least resistance is to return my bits & bits set and buy a set from one of the manufactures that I know I can download the tool database into carveco.


An update from onefinity with new links to tool database for bits & bits starter kits.