Import whiteside tool files into carveco maker

Found the whiteside tool file on their website for the v-bits 1502 and 1550.
they are in a .tool file, when trying to import them into carveco maker it wants a .tdb file.

anyone know how to get them in there?


Did you ever figure this out? I’m looking for the same.

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Just spitballing here but I’m wondering if the data within each of these files is structurally similar regardless the extension? If so, perhaps one could simply change the extension to allow for import?

I’d see about opening each in notepad to compare and go from there.

I emailed Carvco to ask whether they could allow Carveco to import Vetric.tool files that Whiteside lists on their site for download, and Carveco stated that the Vetric file format was proprietary, and they have no plans to allow vectric.tool files to import into Carveco. I tried opening the Vetric.tool files, hoping it was just XML, but it’s not.