Total NOOB? Multiple or single processes per g-code

Ok, complete noob question, but I’m not sure on this… hence I’m asking.

So, I have a part I’m designing that will have 4 through holes & a cutout for the entire part from a slightly larger piece of stock.

When creating tool paths, do I need to make each operation it’s own g-code, IE: drilling (pocket) the holes first, then running the cutout (contour) g-code ??

No tool changes during the operation, just 2 separate operations. Can I just generate my g-code with both operations in the same g-code, making sure to put the drilling (pocket) operation first on the list with the cutout second?

One file per bit and as you said order the operations before saving toolpath

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I have found it’s easier to have one g-code for each bit, however I have a few thoughts.

  1. Do not forget to zero Z every time you change your bit. I don’t want to count the times I forgot and hard to start a piece over.

  2. Make certain as you are going to zero Z after each bit, you have the same zero spot available. I’ve also cut away the zero location so a little hard to zero if it’s not there! :slight_smile:

  3. Regardless of using the same bit for other tool paths, I try to keep the profile cut (cut out) by itself and as the last step.

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I think there are also bits with set collars all set the same and bump to the collet so theoretically same zero from bit to bit.

I’ve never found the collet bit setters to produce very reliable results. Not because of the collet stops, but because of my ability to get the bit pushed to the stop each time while tightening. The bit always seems to drop while I’m trying to tighten, producing inconsistent results. Just my experience.


I wondered about that.
Thanks for sharing your experience. Saving us time and $