Touch Probe Holder

Hey, I wanted to share with you guys my take on the touch probe holder. My design uses a magnet to hold the magnetic clip. Let me know what you think
You can buy the digital file or the physical item on my etsy shop:

![Render Touch Probe|530x500]

Click here for the video:


Looks great Pete! Awesome.

Placed my order right away!

@CruversWorkshop Thanks Barry!!

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That’s a sexy little home for our new touch plates! Ordered!

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Awesome probe, thanks for sharing / selling it. Downloading to print now, my machine just arrived!


Everything arrive ok? Boxes in good shape?

@mkngjoy Thanks man make sure to share some test cuts of your new machine. I know people are salivating while they wait for footage. lol


Just over halfway done printing, PLA+. Great model!


Final Touch probe holder… with the Touch Probe itself.

The magnetic end of the Touch Probe was printed with glittery PLA, which is odd.

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Sweet!! where did the glittery pla come from?

I thought it was a nice touch. Was I wrong?

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Charley -

Not wrong at all, but definitely a different touch - surprising really. Initially, I kept trying to wipe the “dust” off, until I realized it was the filament. Was it the Prusa Galaxy Black?

I got it on Amazon. Here is a link:


the only way I will allow glitter near me… Fully encapsulated…

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I promise, after using this, your Wife won’t think have been snuggling up to a glitter covered stripper at a bachelor party!!


Well if that’s the case I don’t want one… haha

:crazy_face: :beers:

Spoken as a current OF Touchplate owner! (which is worth every penny BTW)

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Made a probe holder by milling it out of a 2x6.
Inspired by this design.

Recently broke an Amana 1/4" bit and replaced it with this Align Carbide compression bit.
This replacement bit has blown me away it terms of it’s smoothness. Never had results like these even with Amana price tag!

I milled mine out of a larger piece of 2x6 so that I could more effectively clamp the stock down.
Finished it by cutting it free from the stock on the table saw.

If you are interested in making one yourself, I am attaching the Fusion360 model.

Probe-Holder v9.f3d (181.6 KB)


Hey Alex,

more wood, less plastic :slight_smile:!

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