Touch probe magnet missing

What are some options for repairing my touch probe magnet? My magnet came out and is missing I have looked online for a replacement but there is nothing that is 1/4 in diameter by about 1/4 long. If anyone can show me where to order a replacement magnet to glue in it would be greatly appreciated. I have photos of my issue and what I did to do a temporary fix but it’s frustrating to use.

I would think it is under warranty

K & J Magnetics has lots of sizes.

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Oh- not if it got spun with a router! :slight_smile:

@Tyler1988 end me a private message with your mailing address and I will send you a new wire assembly.


That Charley Thomas is a good guy! :slight_smile:

Recently had this same problem (although my magnet just got loose over time, the last time it came out and wasn’t noticed that the magnet remained on the collet…. Well… needless to say it didn’t survive :grimacing::joy:).

I’ve emailed support enquiring about magnet replacements :us:

On a related note, after using the touch probe (which I love for convenience) for a while, I am afraid that the connection of the wire to the magnetic probe tip will break off at some point. The version that I have looks like a 3D printed part, where the wire goes in. There does not seem to be a strain relief, and the wire is bound to break off from the use cycle. Am I underestimating the strength of the assembly, worrying for nothing?

2 year update: Contacted Charlie with my problem and he took care of me! Excellent customer service, even modified the connector to replace the magnet with alligator clips… won’t go back. Solid customer service and workmanship. The banana clip is starting to give a little. Once it fails I’ll explore the repairing options.

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Mine broke this week. I ordered a new wire assembly, but I agree that the design is destined to fail sooner than later.

You may also want to put a dab of good caulk in the ends of the connectors for the touch probe and magnet. This will help support the wires from breaking or coming loose.

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