Touch probe wire broke. Help!

The wire that attaches to the magnet broke off slightly inside the plastic piece that holds the magnet. There is no wire accessible at the magnet that I can solder. There doesn’t seem to be any way to remove the plastic part so as to access the wire.

In other words the probe that I relied upon heavily in my process is now completely broken and I’m looking for a solution. If anyone has one PLEASE let me know.

I could order the replacement wires from Onefinity but their shipping times seem very long and not determinate (i.e. don’t conform to the 5-10 business days that the website says for accessories). And don’t get me started on the shipping cost.

Shipping on an item like this would usually be next day.

Hey Peter,

a crocodile clip that you can attach to the cable and that you can clip to the bit or to the collet is a possible replacement.


I hope that is true. The dust boot I ordered on April 13 still hasn’t shipped.

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Can you post a picture?

When mine broke I melted some solder down and shoved the magnet back in… assuming yours broke like mine did. The entire device is fairly simple so as long as you’re creating a continuous connection it should be fine.


I just used a neodymium magnet that has a hole in it and ran the wire through it,
works great. and was used with junk around the garage.
something like this