Replacement Probe cable in online shop (Solved: Link in comments)

Given that I’ve killed my probe cable on the very first use, due to the stuuuuuupid fact that I didn’t remove the magnet from the nut…

It would be nice to be able to purchase just a replacement cable for the touch probe in the onefinity online shop.

lol, pretty easy to read between the lines here. :sweat_smile:



I’m sorry Dennis,
But :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: lollllll
I hope you took a picture of that!! :wink:

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Sad, but funny at the same time. :’) Nothing that a bit of soldering couldn’t fix, but I simply await the day it happens again and there’s no more cable left to solder. :))))) Hence my request for buying probe cable only.

Email support. They do indicate in the manual that all parts are available for purchase by contacting them.

All I can say is, S**t happens!!
I own and operate large cnc machines, and sometimes the smallest little distraction can cause a 1k+ $$ loss in a split second.
Whether it’s a tool, probe, material or just plain bad luck… it happens to everyone at one time or another.
That probe is a luxury item, you can get by without it. Keep a pen and paper nearby, and always note your starting point coordinates.


They actually are in the shop…just not ours, because @charleyntexas at triquetra cnc makes them! They’re in his shop located here:
Just make sure to select onefinity cnc in the drop down!


@OnefinityCNC Thanks for the quick reply! However…

Triquetra only ships to the US, unless in combination with their Touch Plate. Hence it would be nice if Onefinity sells them - as that is the company with from whom I got the original item in the first place - and ships them internationally, without paying another 80 bucks for a touch plate I don’t need. :slight_smile: One may then want to purchase additional items in your online shop, to make the shipping to Europe worthwhile. :slight_smile:

You know it doesn’t have to be a magnet. I used to use just a plain alligator styled clip for years.


When I first started Triquetra CNC I shipped the with with an alligator clip. It worked fine but sometimes got in the way. So I figured out a way to use the magnetic end instead. I like it much better.

@charleyntexas do you think it would be possible to provide @OnefinityCNC with spare cables for your probes, so they can ship them internationally? :slight_smile:

According to their website, they ship internationally but you need to contact them first for a shipping quote.
" For international orders please send a request from the Contact Us Page for a shipping quote."

I will address this with OneFinity and go with their recommendations. I know you would like a more definitive answer but I cannot speak for them. They are my customer and I certainly would never attempt to dictate to a customer.

Naturally! And thank you in advance for taking it into consideration. :slight_smile:

It would be neat if there was a bluetooth or wifi probe . some way that no wire cables would have to be used and forgotten to remove. Something like a wireless mouse on a PC. Just thinking out loud is all.