Replacement Probe cable in online shop (Solved: Link in comments)

Given that I’ve killed my probe cable on the very first use, due to the stuuuuuupid fact that I didn’t remove the magnet from the nut…

It would be nice to be able to purchase just a replacement cable for the touch probe in the onefinity online shop.

lol, pretty easy to read between the lines here. :sweat_smile:



Sad, but funny at the same time. :’) Nothing that a bit of soldering couldn’t fix, but I simply await the day it happens again and there’s no more cable left to solder. :))))) Hence my request for buying probe cable only.

Email support. They do indicate in the manual that all parts are available for purchase by contacting them.

They actually are in the shop located here:


@OnefinityCNC Thanks for the quick reply! However…

Triquetra only ships to the US, unless in combination with their Touch Plate. Hence it would be nice if Onefinity sells them - as that is the company with from whom I got the original item in the first place - and ships them internationally, without paying another 80 bucks for a touch plate I don’t need. :slight_smile: One may then want to purchase additional items in your online shop, to make the shipping to Europe worthwhile. :slight_smile:

You know it doesn’t have to be a magnet. I used to use just a plain alligator styled clip for years.


When I first started Triquetra CNC I shipped the with with an alligator clip. It worked fine but sometimes got in the way. So I figured out a way to use the magnetic end instead. I like it much better.

@charleyntexas do you think it would be possible to provide @OnefinityCNC with spare cables for your probes, so they can ship them internationally? :slight_smile:

According to their website, they ship internationally but you need to contact them first for a shipping quote.
" For international orders please send a request from the Contact Us Page for a shipping quote."

I will address this with OneFinity and go with their recommendations. I know you would like a more definitive answer but I cannot speak for them. They are my customer and I certainly would never attempt to dictate to a customer.

Naturally! And thank you in advance for taking it into consideration. :slight_smile:

It would be neat if there was a bluetooth or wifi probe . some way that no wire cables would have to be used and forgotten to remove. Something like a wireless mouse on a PC. Just thinking out loud is all.