Tramming, how close is close enough

how close to perfect do you need to tram the router. I’m with in a couple thousands. is that good enough or does it need to be closer. I’m just using a bar with pins , 1,2,3 blocks and feeler gauge

Butch, If you are within " a couple thousands" you are more then good. Unless you are doing government work. You need to keep in mind which most people forget is that wood does not cut like metals. All wood have fibers and will cut a little different from board to board even area of a board to and area of a board. Also keep in mind you will have expansion and contraction of the spoil board and project wood due to temperature and humidity. Couple of thousands ~ You are good to go and create.


For me, so long as i can surface my wasteboard with a 1.5 inch cutter with no ridges at all then i’m good.

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