Trying to connect controller to Laptop

I am definitely a newbie to CNC and my 1F woodworker arrived yesterday. Yeaaa!! However, I am having issues connecting my HP Laptop to the controller via ethernet. I had to purchase a USB-C to pair them. However, the laptop says no ethernet. I’m not the smartest guy with this stuff and I can’t seem to locate anything on the net to speak plain English to me instead of computer language. My laptop has wifi, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with me hooking directly to the controller with my laptop, right? somewhere I’m missing some steps and it’s driving me crazy. I want to get my spoilboard done and start working with this beast. Anyone? Please???

Yes I’ve seen this one before. However, I’m just trying to connect the ethernet from the controller to my HP Laptop using the Ethernet cable and USB-C adapter. Thank you.

Hey Phillip,

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I assume that your laptop, as became common nowadays, has no Ethernet port and you need an external Ethernet Host Adapter. If it is a real USB-to-Ethernet Host Adapter that you bought, your Operating System should report a Ethernet port.

If yes, this should allow you to proceed here:

If no, what does your operating system report when you connect your Ethernet Host Adapter on the USB-C port of your laptop?

WiFi is without wire. Ethernet is with wire. You need only one of both. Ethernet is preferable in EMI-rich environments like workshops with electric tools.

with wifi off, a small globe appears bottom right. when hovering over the globe it says “unidentified network” no internet access. on the network pater it says no internet on the ethernet. i realize I’m not going to have internet when hooking directly through ethernet cable. its driving me crazy,

Hey Phillip,

if you connect your laptop to the Onefinity Controller via Ethernet, of course this does not mean Internet. It just means Onefinity Controller. That should be what you want. But in order for both to communicate, you will have to adjust the network settings. Try to follow the video linked in the posting above, when it comes to Ethernet (not WiFi).

Ok maybe im missing something. I’m good up until it says make sure wifi is off. i’m operating on wifi now and if I turn it off i can’t go to the link suggested. Maybe thats what I’m missing huh? I do not go through a router in my garage, just using wife in here. Do i need to run the control box to a router?

Hey Phillip,

what exactly happens if you try it?

can you right-click this and get more information then?

I tried it and it told me there was no connectivity. i hit troubleshoot and problem found was Ethernet" doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.

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Hey Phillip,

do you see some option with the word “DHCP”?

Yes. I’m in network &internet>Ethernet
IP assignment and DNS server assignment has “Automatic (DHCP) with edit tabs

And can you see an address like “192.168.xx.xx”?

No I don’t. Just noticed though in the description is says Realtek USB GbE Family Controller. Manufacturer is Realtek? Is this right?

Yes, correct. This is your USB-to-Ethernet Hostadapter. We now need to see which network address was assigned by DHCP when connecting to the Onefinity Controller. The Onefinity Controller is connected to the Ethernet cable and is booted, right?

Do you know how you can open a terminal window/command line interface on your operating system? If yes, can you enter “netstat -r”?

Yes, controller on, Ethernet in controller and connected to the USB-C, and USB-C connected to laptop with no Wi-Fi. And I don’t know how to open window terminal command.

I can go to edit zip settings and manually enter setting for lPv4 and 6. I see that allows me to input IP addresses if that helps.

That’s edit up settings and not zip. Sorry

Hey Phillip,

yes but on the other side, Onefinity Controller has DHCP activated too. It should work out of the box. Disabling WiFi is just to prevent that the local URL that you have to enter into your browser is searched on the WAN.

This is correct.

It’s set on automatic for DHCP

Hey Phillip,

somewhere on every operating system there should be the possibility to see which IP address DHCP has assigned to your new Ethernet network and whether or not the connection was established at all. In my operating system I see the routes to the networks known by the system e.g. with “netstat -r” on the command line, or by looking at the dhcp output in the syslog.

Maybe on your desktop you can click a symbol in the lower left corner and then in a text line you can enter “command” or “cmd” or something like that. If you have a command line, you can enter “netstat -r”.

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