Trying to decide on Elite vs X50 series before I buy

Hey Sean,

Recently had to commute 800 kilometers back and forth by car inside Germany. And I can only say, somehow this is war. War in the cozy warmth of SUVs.

Not that you think I want to take you apart, but the images your figurative comparison bring to mind so many thoughts on a wet stormy day in the North today:

Although a roll-down window was not retrofitted, an emergency exit with a jettisonable hatch was installed after the Challenger disaster.

Space Cowboys (2000)

But it would have saved neither the Challenger nor the Columbia crew. Unlike every jet-engined fighter with its ejection seats and unlike every spacecraft for human transport before (Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo), the Space Shuttle had no post-launch abort system that could save the crew, and even for abort on re-entry there was only either stay in orbit and await being picked up and saved by another spacecraft, or regular re-entry, but the Space Shuttle had a heat shield that could be destroyed by fast foam rubber, and so the burned up parts of the spacecraft and the crew were spread across Texas on Saturday February 1, 2003.

I think the Space Shuttle is a bad example. You wanted to mention something that is high tech and advanced, and therefore well designed. But the way the design of the Space Shuttle ended up being changed and finally realized was a collection of enormous departures from the clever concepts that were in there at the beginning, when it was supposed to be a small glider that would sit at the top of the rocket with the purpose to land people safely home. Instead it became a monster and a misdesign that was supposed to carry monstrously large war satellites into orbit and, as is well shown in the movie “The Challenger Disaster (2013),” ended up carrying a calculated risk of crew death so high that it had to be kept secret. The deaths of the crew of Challenger and Columbia were unnecessary had they built a space glider that was really good for transporting living humans, not for Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars. Don’t forget that Space Shuttle is not high tech but something in the museum :frowning:

So the comparison is maybe a little unfair towards Masso G3.

Interestingly, the space diary of the first Israeli astronaut in space was found practically intact on the ground in Texas, and was given to his widow.