Two 110v circuits -how critical? [when using 220v circuit for spindle]

I am running a 2.2kw 220v PwnCNC spindle on a separate circuit BUT would like to use a KArcher Vac on the same circuit as the Masso/Elite.
How much of an issue is this? This is a beefy circuit and I’m not worries about amps, I am wondering about interference/noise.
I know it’s not ideal but IN REALITY, what’s going to happen and if there is a risk, can I mitigate using chokes etc. It would be a real PITA to put the vac on a separate circuit as I’m not pulling new wire (can’t) and would have to resort to a 25’ extension cable from outlets on other side of the shop.

Experience with this arrangement?

Hey Ed,

it’s always good to use a line filter.

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IS there a specific product (on Amazon?) that you could point me to? I’ve also wondered about putting a UPS on the Masso but sometime those can cause more problems than they solve if they don’t output the right waveform etc…

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Hey Ed,

I would not buy at Amazon (at all). Just think of how they treat the people that work for them, and of the fact that you always pay more than at a shop specialized for the article you want to buy. I buy all electronics at a local electronics supplier.

Always make sure that you dimensionate the line filter according to the voltage (volts) and the current (ampères) of the device you want to connect it in front of.

You can also build one yourself (I do sometimes):

Typical line filter circuit

R = 1,0 MΩ
CX = 100 nF (X-Klasse)
CY = 2,2 nF (Y-Klasse)
L = 2×1,0 mH (current compensated)

You need X and Y safety capacitors to build line filters