Up and running but have a few questions


Finally got my Woodworker Elite up and running. Flattened my spoil board and put a grid on it as well. Sometime this week I will do my fencing.

Question 1: With my old CNC I use the ole paper trick to set the Z and manually set the job origin. Today when I went to do the grid I decided to use the touch plate to set my Z axis. (I measure the plate prior with calipers and set the measurements in the controller). When I used the touch plate the Z axis went all the way to the top and stayed there. Any suggestions?

Question 2: When I first started the grid file it kept going into Air(?) mode? Where in ran the tool path but well above the project. After a little digging I found out I needed to choose a tool to get out of that mode. My next question is: Do I need to put in every bit into the Masso Controler?

Thank you!

I also need to do a shout out to Onefinity… UPS did not deliver to the correct address and left my CNC outside in the rain! BUT the excellent paking by the folk at Onefinity nothing got wet on the inside!! Thank you!!!

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You don’t have to enter your tools into the Masso. It’s nice to have the machine know the tools though, so when it ask for a tool change it can give you a description of it wants, rather than just the tool number.

Thank you! I appreciate your time

Can you provide more detail on this one?

Sure. When trying to set my Z axis using the touch plate it will go down touch the plate as expected, but when I start the file the Z axis will move all the way to the top and stay there while the file is running. If I manually set the Z axis I have no issue at all.