Upgrade or Replacement Cooling Fan For Spindle

I have a 1.5kw air cooled spindle from Automation Technology that has been running great though I’ve always thought it runs a little warm…it’s now getting even warmer during runs and a smoke test shows the cooling fan isn’t pulling in much air anymore (and yes, I keep it clean). I think a failure is in the works. Are cooling fans for 80mm spindles ubiquitous enough that I can just buy a replacement somewhere? I’m loathe to just buy repair parts from AT since this fan is failing much earlier than I would expect. Suggestions?

Hey John,

Can you see the part number on the fan without taking it out of the spindle? Maybe it’s on digikey and readily available!

Had a failed fan recently on a client’s ShopSabre23 air cooled spindle after 3+ years of daily running. Was easy to source a replacement. Hope it’ll be the same for you! Good that you’re able to anticipate it.

Thanks for the tip - no, but in another week I hit a planned 2 week down time in my shop for annual tool maintenance and deep cleaning, so I’ll disassemble the spindle then.

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