Vbit throughcut

Hello, new here, had my 1F for a month or so. I want to do a project using 1/2 inch material with a 60 degree slope, can I use 1/4 inch vbit for the throughcut? Thanks much, you’ve been a great resource.

Yes. How depends on the cad/cam software you’re using.

I use 90° bits to do miters on boards thicker than the cut length of the bit in fusion 360. I do a 2d contour*, offsetting subsequent passes by the depth of cut I want in each pass. Repeat until total depth is what you want.

The software slides the bit down along the slope of the bit. For 90° bits the math is easy: it moves down the same amount of the offset on each pass. For a 60°, you’ve got to work out the math…figure out your DoC, and then tangent 30°[edit: changed. tan 60 to tan 30 since it is the angle from the vertical that matters not the total angle]

If the V cut is on the edge, it works. If it is in the middle of the board, pass one side of the slope then the other and then offset the first and then the second. Rinse repeat. If it’s not done working towards the middle of the V, the shaft will hit the stock on the pass after you’ve gone down the cut length of the bit. As always, simulate to make sure it works out.

*I am on my phone, not computer to verify it’s the 2d contour tool path. It might also be a chamfer tool path. Same process though—offset in steps of in increments that give you depth of cut you want.

This is easy in Vcarve, just use the chamfer toolpath and make the cut depth equal to the thickness of the stock.

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Thanks Mitch! Really appreciate your help!

Thanks Grim, I’m learning Carveco Maker, will see what happens.