VCarve Experts - A Little Help?

CLOUD LIFT DOOR Adjustable Left.crv (113 KB)
Attached is a .crv that is being used to make cabinet doors. The doors in the project are not all sized the same. Some are taller, shorter, wider, or narrower than this one. It is important that the width of the rails, stiles, and mullions remain consistent (the same) from one door size to another; otherwise, I’d just group it all and expand or contract all as needed. Instead, the plan is to separate the representation of the door from top to bottom and left to right along the horizontal and vertical guides shown in the file, move the resulting sections up or down and left or right to get the proper size and then fill in the space with lines before creating tool paths.

A) I don’t know if this is possible.
B) If it is possible, I don’t know how to do it.
C) I’m not looking for fish and chips handed to me in a rolled paper - I’d rather catch my own fish by learning how it is done.

Any takers?


perhaps it would help to label some of the items/objects/vectors in the crv file, but I would guess that your best bet will be to do the design work in Fusion 360 then export to VCarve for toolpath work

A) Yes it is. It’s precisely how I resized some pieces on a flat pack desk from its middle schooler size to a taller version for a high schooler.

B) Use the node editor tool to cut the lines where you’re going to put your insert. Make a rectangle the size you need to extend the original part by. After cutting the lines, move one original half aside, move the new piece to attach to one half of the original stile, move the other half to connect to the other end of the insert piece, cut the two end segments from the insert and join the old and new lines together.

C) The above should be enough to get you going but pung me if you need more fishing tips.

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Thanks a ton for this. I just finished working for the day - I’ll try this tomorrow evening and let you know how it goes.


If you do this often, I’d consider creating a parametric design in Fusion 360, this way you can just enter height and width of a door and let it calculate the rest…