Vectric Aspire Tool Change M6


I’ve searched around but couldn’t find the right answer I was looking for… I’ve decided that Vectric Aspire will be my de facto go to software for my cnc. I’ve downloaded the OF Post Processors, and I have read somewhere that tool changes are required, Vectric leaves it up to the user to enter an [M6] command, where the router will pause, prompt user to change to required tool, and then proceed. Is this really the case? I tried a test project carving out an eagle 2.5D, with a roughing carve, then switching to the detail cut… I checked the g-code, and I did not see any M6 commands, this has me concerned, I really don’t want any more manual labor.

Are there any Vectric Aspire, Vcarve users with Onefinity cnc, that can clarify this matter for me?

Thanks so much!

At this point each tool requires a separate file. There are some bit setter posts that people are experimenting with that may allow this but you cannot zero the new bit if you don’t do that.

Wow Total Bummer, A separate file for each job… tisk, tisk. Any chance of improving this process?

Look up bit setter V2 using the search. You can definitely put that stuff in your config and it may do what you want. I have not had a chance to yet so I do a separate file per bit. I order my toolpaths accordingly as you can still combine toolpaths that use the same bit.

Hmmm, okay… I’ll try.


Hmmm, why are there multiple [ATC] Automatic Tool Change Post Processor to select from (on Vectric application), yet the Infinity PP’s aren’t available with ATC, is this something that Vectric themselves should be putting out, or is OneFinity slowing down? Anybody knows if this is something to look forward to?

an ATC is VERY different than a ‘tool change’.

We do not support an ATC.

I see, I mistook ATC PP for cuts that required 2 or more toolpaths in allowing for a pause in the process. I understand now.