Vectric Postprocessor for the Elite Series

In Vcarve Pro there is a Post Processor for Masso W/ATC , is this to be used for the Elite Series?
Thanks for any help

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Yes, I think that is correct. I loaded “new Machine” in V-Carve Pro and it found the “Foreman Elite” which listed the Masso controller, and the PP was Masso ATC Arcs in MM and inches.

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That is the correct post processor to use for the Elite machines.

Edited with M08 vacuum control added for Vectric.

Masso ATC Arcs with Vacuum (Inches).pp (6.4 KB)
Masso ATC Arcs with Vacuum (mm).pp (6.4 KB)


This time i checked it and checked it again, and again…

I noticed it would just head to xy zero with the spindle spinning. Could be bad… added safe z

Masso ATC Arcs with Vacuum SafeZ No Park (Inches).pp (7.4 KB)
Masso ATC Arcs with Vacuum SafeZ No Park (mm).pp (7.2 KB)

I also want mine to go to the park position after the file is done, and my park is centered at the rear

Masso ATC Arcs with Vacuum SafeZ With Park (Inches).pp (7.4 KB)
Masso ATC Arcs with Vacuum SafeZ With Park (mm).pp (7.2 KB)

The problem that I seem to have with this processor is that it groups toolpaths, despite using different tools. I believe this is because it assumes that the Elite has a tool changer. I see no way to disable that feature to allow me to use Vectric Aspire with “group when possible”, because it always groups. I use that feature often, so I’m disappointed.

Selected toolpath or visible toolpaths into multiple files with group where possible deselected

Not following. This feature allows me to group consecutive paths in a single file if they share the same bit.

This feature is NOT workig with the Masso. It ignores the bit and groups all paths into a single file.

a video demonstration would help to see what it is your doing

I think i thought of what your problem is…

You have to associate your tool library with seperate tool numbers using the numbers 1-100 or 1-99. If you don’t, it will group them together regardless of what they are… if you number all of them number 1, it will not recognize there is a tool change and when grouping them will Group them all.

You could always save the selected tool path as its own file.

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I used the group feature extensively with my Bob’s CNC, which is why I was surprised it’s not working with the 1F. My bits are numbered. It’s definitely merging different bits into a single file.

Try this
Masso NON-ATC Arcs with Vacuum SafeZ With Park (Inches).pp (7.2 KB)

I’m assuming the above got you the desired results

I only just today got to your response. I am eager to try the file and will let you know! My CNC has been mildly dismantled while attempting to get a laser added to it.

Is this PP similar to one that I am using, allowing me to compare the two to see what the difference is?

Thanks again.

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All i did was remove the tool change section, rename and add comments. It worked as you were describing wanting in my test.

I replied to give you the heads up i did it some time ago in case you didn’t get the notification… or to see if it worked for you…