Vevor Spindle / VFD

Has anyone used the Vevor VFDs or Spindles? Does anyone know who actually makes them? The pricing on these (in Australia) seems too good to be true (not a good sign). It seems to be hard to find any good detailed information on them (which makes me more dubious). So unless others have had a positive experience with them, I think I will keep looking :-).

I have called Vevor seeking information on a specific product and the operator told me that she’d get the supplier/manufacturer to call me. I never got the call.

I then did some research on Vevor in terms of who they are. My take is that they are a reseller of Chinese made goods. It appeared to me that they likely make very little if anything and simply buy from suppliers in China and put their name on it.

I gambled and bought a Vevor water cooler for my water cooled spindle. It works fine. I personally would be far more cautious on a spindle and VFD from them. If a Chinese made spindle and VFD are your target, I suggest that you stick with HY.


Thanks, aligns with what I have been able to find so far.

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Hey Tas I noticed you were looking at the vevor spindle last year … did you ever make the purchase?
I just set mine up and was wondering if you got one so I could ask you a few questions.