Wanting to cut graphite?

Hey there,

I’m new here, I’ve done some searches and I’m either missing something or in the wrong place. But I got a new onefinity cnc, just set it up in my shop and ready for wood. I have a nice enclosure and solid carbide tips and wondering if anyone could speak to me about cutting graphite?


I’m assuming you mean machinable graphite, not carbon fiber. I’ve had it machined for parts at work before. It’s quite soft.
Are you looking for speeds and feeds, or what type of info?

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This might be a good starting point - The Nomad featured in that video is a bit less capable than the OF, but you can base your starting feeds here, and ramp up.


Winston is pretty awesome, his youtube videos helped me a bunch with fusion 360.

Hey all thank you for the awesome detail. I guess to be more specific - I know there will be a learning curve when it comes to understanding feeds and speeds and differences between material.
I mainly want to insure that I am doing this all as safe as possible, for my own good and for my fancy new machine. knowing graphite is conductive and messy, Ive constructed an enclosure for the cnc with ventilation and a vacuum with filter. But I am most curious about any other specific measures or precautions you would use to prepare and maintain a unit that cuts graphite. Likewise are there are any of you who have cut graphite on this specific onefinity machine in the past?

Has anyone played with bits, feeds and speeds to cut graphite molds? Specifically thinking about custom coin molds for metal casting….

I remember at least one forum member who has done this and posted about it - I can’t find the discussion but perhaps he or others can add to the conversation. Also, if not already known, Winston Moy at Carbide 3D has several videos on the topic of milling graphite.

Thanks, I’ve just watched Winston’s videos. Quite helpful. I’m a super beginner with CNC’ing so everything is a first for me so just learning as much as I can before I start wasting stock learning. :slight_smile:

This is the coin design I want to try to make on the 1F in graphite.

Please update us on your progress - looks like a great project.

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An alternative to graphite (and not so potentially damaging) might be to mill jewellers wax and use that to create moulds.